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We breathe through one nostril at any given point of time. Every hour & twenty minutes the dominant nostril switches over.
When the left nostril flows, mental energy dominates
When the right nostril flows, physical energy dominates
When both nostrils operate together, mental & physical energy patterns become even & rhythmic, the thoughts are stilled & the mind is calm
This is Shoonya Swar – Time to meditate

 – Shivaswarodaya Shastra

My name is Tulip Joshi. I was born on September 11, 1978 I speak Armenian thanks to my mother who is one & a few Indian languages thanks to my father a Gujarati Indian I was born in Mumbai & spent a while there before making Vancouver, Canada my home I’ve acted & played the lead in several Bollywood, Punjabi & South Indian films I experienced a lot of emotional & mental discomfort most of my life till I met my Guru & started seeking & practising yoga in 2005. My fascination towards Sanskrit made me research & compile content from the Shastras- ancient yogic & tantric texts – Vedas , Agamas The search bedazzled me & I got inspired to share my compilations with people who are fascinated as I amSomewhere in the journey, you start to recognise your truth & your relation with existence I believe once you know your own truth, who you truly are, free from biases & prejudices- free from all the conditioning & pressure from your own family or society, you start glowing, you become free A person’s search could be through bhakti- that is devotion, jnana- knowledge, karma- action, tantra- through a technique or raja- asanas , pranayama, niyama, yamas & practice of Samadhi understand that if you want to be your own master, you got to know yourself & then practice till you conquer yourself ( whatever aspect you chose ) & that mastery is what Yoga is all about

We all are unique, choose what works for you


– Tulip Joshi 

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